The Intuitive Collage process is an exercise in seeing. It is a search and rescue effort.

I begin by arbitrarily dismantling whole magazines and my own drawings into geometric shards.

These shards are jumbled on the floor so that they overlay each other and I begin the hunt.





My tools.

I am concerned with finding, not arranging, beautiful compositions.

Intuitive Collage No. 413

Intuitive Post-it Note© Collage No. One

Elephant Splash

Intuitive Collage No. 459

Intuitive Post-it Note© Collage No. Two

Emperor Cat

Intuitive Collage No. 521

Tobacco Collage Set No. 1

Clean Cut Subversives

Tobacco Collage Set No. 2

Pride That Still Rejects

Tobacco Collage Set No. 3